Skin cancer is the world’s most common cancer, and the number of new cases is increasing every year. We’re proud to support Euromelanoma in its mission to reverse this trend.

Through a yearly campaign across 33 countries, we promote understanding of skin cancer, its prevention, early detection and treatment amongst three key audiences; the general public; the medical community; and European and national policymakers.

From the prevalence of patient denial, to the cost of delayed diagnosis, each campaign is based on new research that provides fresh insight and a compelling hook to break through ‘public health fatigue’.

Alongside this press-focused material, the campaigns we build for Euromelanoma include posters, leaflets, videos, advertising and social media content. This activity culminates in public screenings during an annual ‘Euromelanoma Screening Day’.

To date, the Euromelanoma website has been visited by more than a million people, and over 450,000 Europeans have received free skin examinations as a result of the campaigns.