With building stock responsible for 40% of Europe’s carbon emissions, there’s growing public and regulatory pressure on commercial property owners and occupiers to improve the environmental performance of their buildings.

Our work for Kingspan Insulated Panels, the largest division within the Kingspan Group, positions the company as having the approach, solutions and service the construction sector needs to achieve more energy efficient buildings cost effectively.

By developing the business case for investment in better buildings, we have supported Kingspan’s transition from a transactional customer sell to a value-based proposition. The communications programme now addresses the drivers and barriers of all stakeholders in the construction chain – from building owners and investors, to architects, contractors and installers.

Through the placement of news, customer case studies, executive commentary, white papers, and engagement with like-minded third parties, our programme has achieved significant share-of-voice and thought leadership for Kingspan across property, architecture, green, and construction media – as well as sector-specific trade press.