The Global Melanoma Coalition

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Support for everybody affected by melanoma, at every step, everywhere. That’s now the mission of a coalition of over 40 national melanoma patient groups. We are proud to have helped The Global Melanoma Coalition define its purpose, brand and model.

The challenge

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Melanoma skin cancer can usually be successfully treated if caught early. And, unlike most other cancers, we can see the signs of it ourselves. If more people regularly checked their skin, the 60,000+ annual deaths from melanoma would fall.

Q: So how do you deliver this message as far and as wide as possible?

The work

A: You create strength in numbers.

The formation of the coalition has brought together 41 independent melanoma charities from 27 different countries; all with differing levels of resource and capability; but united by the need to share their potentially life-saving message.

By being part of something bigger, they all benefit from a sense of community, the sharing of best practices, and access to centrally developed campaign materials. This has been made possible with funding from pharmaceutical industry partners, attracted by the potential to support important outreach on a multinational scale.

Our annual public awareness campaigns, each centred on a fresh news-worthy issue, are packaged to work across paid, owned, shared and earned channels. Each toolkit includes a range of materials to serve the diverse needs and capabilities of the local campaigning teams. From simple posters and leaflets, or instructional videos and social media assets, to in-depth white papers and voice-activated Alexa apps, the materials we create are all designed to be localised and used as easily as possible.

The numbers






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